DIY/☃A scarf for Christmas, very different from the others❄

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&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Merry Christmas! is the favorite phrase at this time of year, wishing us prosperity, spending pleasant moments with family, enjoying the holidays, all that and more are the things that happen to us when Christmas comes.


&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Another of the things we like to do is get beautiful, premiere things, buy what we like, share and make gifts; I think people do the same things all over the world. That’s why I’m here today to bring you this model scarf so that you can have one more thing in your wardrobe so that you can look beautiful and warm us up when the common colds of the season arrive.

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<center>to weave to weave</center>

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Making this scarf only consists of two basic steps, first we make a flower, you can make any model, in my case I made a flower of 5 petals in bright fantasy wool and second we placed different strips of approximately one meter long, all of different colors and thickness.


  • We make a magic ring, then we weave 4 chains and we put a low point inside the magic ring, we repeat the same until we get 5 bows.
  • In this step we proceed to fill the hoops, for this step we raise first 2 chains then 5 high points and 2 chains to the air, we close with low point inside the hoop, we repeat this same process in each one until completing the 5 petals.
  • Now we are going to weave through the back of the flower, the first thing we do is weave 3 chains and hook in the union of each petal, we repeat until we get 5 rings and finally we fill as we did in the petals of the previous part.
  • Before cutting the strand of wool we weave 6 chains and hook on the other side of the flower, as shown in the image.

<center>Image2.jpg </center>

  • We are finishing the elaboration of the scarf, we only need to weave the strips that are combined with the flower and we sew these strips with thread and needle on one side of the petal.
  • I recommend that you measure the strips well so that you get as far as you want and all are the same.

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;This scarf is very soft and I tell you that you can make it to use all year, I have made it in earth colors, pastel colors or I have also sought to make them bigger, it all depends on the tastes of the person who orders it.

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;This is all for today friends, I hope you liked my craft today. I am still preparing for my trip and this scarf has been very useful and apart from that I will look beautiful. I say goodbye and I hope you have a nice day, bye bye.</div>


<center><sub>Images taken with my Hyundai e510 cellular camera</sub></center>

Thanks to my niece emily for modeling my scarf </sub></center>

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