A very special gift, cushions embroidered in cross-stitch. 🌷

FAMILY scented cushions.

Today I want to start my post thanking God for the family, for having each one of them in my life, if you ask me where I want to be born again I would say here, next to you. Thank you God for my mother who continues to live many more years together with us giving us all that love that always makes our day and also grateful for each one of my brothers and sisters whom I see very little of but in spite of the distance I always carry them in my heart.

***Hello my friends, welcome back to my blog; behind every craft I make there is a story, a memory or a very special being.***


     ***Today I come to tell you about my sister Gloria, she’s a little older than me and since we were little girls we used to walk up and down together. Recently my sister had to leave in search of opportunities in other lands but before leaving she gave me these cross-stitch embroideries. For those of us who love these things we know that something like this is invaluable, it really is a very well done job and they have the colors that I love, I really fell in love since I saw it.***


***Design and style***

     ***The designs for embroidery are very varied, there are for applications, accessories, baby lingerie, kitchen, clothing and many more things. Every piece that uses embroidery is transformed into a delicate, elegant piece..***

     ***I think my sister chose a motif or design that stands out, I could notice that she used 2 threads and I liked that more since it’s my embroidery style, in the magazines or on the web we can find many models, so don’t ever stop looking.***

     ***The ideal thread for cross-stitching is the muline thread, a cotton thread made up of six plies, easily divisible to embroider with the number of threads required. It is best to separate the threads as needed. It is recommended to work with threads of 45 cm maximum, if they are longer they lose their shine and become tangled and frayed.***


***Let’s make some cushions with love 🌷***


     ***I am very grateful to my sister for giving me this beautiful detail, I just finished the sewing work to develop these spectacular cushions that now decorate my living room.***

***If you use a good combination of fabrics you will generate a piece that will transform the usual fabrics into something that delicately decorates the area or space you choose to use.***


     ***I hope you enjoyed this beautiful and emotional work; family is the most important thing in life, the happiest moments of my life are with them. Now you are also part of my life, so here we will be together for a while, I say goodbye, until the next post friends, bye bye.***

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Images taken with my Hyundai e510 cell phone

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