My 2020: Just a normal day. «My family»

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My day to day revolves around my family

A happy and wonderful day for all participants and organizers of this wonderful contest. The truth is that I find it very interesting to take a minute of our time to do something that maybe we never do or if we do it is not in the conscious way, we mothers constantly complain about the day to day, how much we work and how badly we are rewarded or the lack of recognition from our family nucleus. Now that I have thought about it, a lot of things are going on in my head and I don’t know what to write or where to start.


Not all mothers are the same and not all days are different, almost always the same thing happens, today I’m going to tell you a little about my daily routine.

I wake up at 5 in the morning and the first thing I do is thank my God for one more day of life, for my children and my husband. I go directly to the bathroom and I splash a lot of water on my face to wake up, you don’t know how difficult it is for me to have to leave my bed at that hour, I have always thought that those minutes when you wake up and you don’t want to stop are the warmest minutes of the whole night.

I have a good habit of drinking two glasses of water as soon as I get up and if possible before brushing, if you don’t have it as practice I recommend it.

Then I make the coffee, I’m a coffee addict, at home a full pot is strained and the thermos is filled to be drinking every time I want or if I have a visit to have right away to give him to drink.


I like to make breakfast and lunch at the same time, I like my children and my husband to eat fresh food, made from the same day. I think there are foods that are more flavorful if they haven’t been refrigerated for a long time.

While I am cooking, turning on the TV and turning on the news channel to find out about the daily happenings, here in Venezuela things are constantly happening, especially the political happenings.

After everyone gets up, has breakfast and goes to their respective daily activities, I dedicate myself to fixing up the kitchen and leaving all the spaces arranged so that my house looks nice and tidy.


## ***My favorite spot.***

It’s time for me to take a bath and eat a nice breakfast to start the day full of good energy. I turn on my computer and check the discord, my friend Gina tells me the latest events on my account, I am excited to read the comments and respond if possible. This last point is difficult for me sometimes because the internet and the light fail a lot in my country, so if I have both things the first thing I do is to publish my daily post.



***At mid-morning***

At mid-morning I’m finishing up with the computer and heading to the sewing shop. In this workshop is where the magic of all my crafts happens, here is where the ribbons, fabrics, threads, needles are interwoven and beautiful works are produced that cause happiness to many people.

Many already know about my work and know that I like to knit, embroider, machine sew and recycle things. When I have an order from my clients I give priority to that and take advantage of taking pictures of the whole process and then publish them on steemit.

If I don’t have any order, I stop for a moment to think about what I’m going to make, I like to vary my blog, so one day I make something crocheted, another day I make something recycled and so I publish it so I don’t bore my followers too much.


***The end of the day also has its rewards.***

That’s how it is with my friends, when the afternoon comes I have the best of rewards, seeing my children and my husband arrive, is my greatest joy, knowing that they arrived well, gives me a lot of peace and tranquility. For those of us who live in Venezuela perhaps they can understand me better.

But here I did not come to talk about ugly things, my days are not like that, my days are happy and calm, my days are not to worry but to take care of myself.


My husband is my coat, he’s the greatest prize life has ever given me. I am very happy with him; as in all homes, there are differences, but when you notice a certain difficulty in the family environment, we all sit down and talk.

My day in general is very quiet, I think I have worked a lot in this life to make it so. As I said at the beginning my family is everything and for them I fight and work, with them I have fun, with them I enjoy walks from time to time, with them I enjoy a nice meal or a movie.


«I am the one who raises the sun, I am the one who puts the sun to bed.»

Once I was asked at my son’s school what my profession was, to which I replied «Home Engineer». When I go to bed, I sigh and close my eyes to rest my body, but my mind does not stop working, in those minutes of silence I take advantage of organizing my ideas, since I am going to cook, who I have to pay, what diligence I have to do, what jobs have priority, what the manual work of the day is going to do and I even give a mental review around the house to see if we shut the door or if the water keys are turned off (In my country the water goes out a lot).

With my tired eyes I put myself in the hands of God and the Virgin. I thank God for that day that he gave me and I put my dream into my hands to wake up with his blessing in a new dawn.

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Images taken with my Kronos-net cell phone camera

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