Upmewhale Writing Contest! Global Warming and Climate Change, What Can Be Done? «There is not PLANet B»

Margarita Island-Playa el Agua-Venezuela

Is there anything left to explore or to exploit?

    ***From school I have heard about those people who made great journeys and discovered entire continents; characters such as Christopher Columbus, Diego de Lozada, Magellan, among others, were very much named in my education and I think it was thanks to them that they had the temperance, intelligence or guts to go on those endless journeys that today we have a story to tell. History also tells us about other «explorers», like Engineer Neil Armstrong who was the first man to set foot on the lunar surface, on July 21, 1969, and uttered the famous phrase, «It’s a small step for a man, but a great leap for mankind.***


    ***I remember in my childhood sitting in front of the TV and watching Captain Jacques Cousteau’s show exploring the depths of the seas.***

    ***All these actions are nothing more than the desire for knowledge, for wanting to know what is beyond things. If it weren’t for all these discoveries, many would still think that the earth is square, or that the universe revolves only around you! Although today we know a lot, it’s never too much, it’s never enough, without going too far, recently I saw on TV the discovery of a new planet.***


***Yapascua Cove-Puerto Cabello/Venezuela***


***No blue, no green.***

    ***Many are the phrases that have become famous, said by illustrious people around the world, without blue there is no green I like it very much, ie «No ocean, no life. The ocean holds ninety-seven percent of the Earth’s water. The clouds rise from the sea and the water returns to the Earth in the form of rain, snow or hail. So this means that we must take care of our oceans more than ever; unfortunately not all of us understand this and believe that we will have a planet for all life. Today there is the God of money, great transnationals have amassed great wealth by destroying everything in their path. Tons of garbage, disposable plastics, excess fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides are changing the chemistry of the sea, mining operations continue to generate environmental problems, The new report on the Environment, prepared by the United Nations, warns of the disappearance of the Arctic ice cap, air pollution in cities and the extension of the desert in vast regions of the Earth.***


    ***A Planet with problems means we have problems. So what are we doing to help preserve it, what are our governments or world organizations doing?***

    ***Today with so much technology in our favor scientists can find out how much damage we are doing to the planet, that’s the bad news, but the best news of all is that that same technology can guide us to act in the best way and so we know what we must do to save it.*** [There is not planet B](


***»If I knew the world would end tomorrow, I would still plant a tree today» Martin Luther King***


***To my kids about how we can contribute from home to take care of our only spaceship called earth, some of the things I always ask are:***

– ***Unplug appliances like microwaves, cell phone chargers or turn off the TV if you’re not watching.***

– ***We reuse everything we can, especially plastic.***

– ***If we go to the beach or a park we must pick up our garbage and leave everything clean as we found it; but if we also find something from bottles or plastic that someone inadvertently threw away, we have no trouble picking it up and putting it back in its place.***

– ***If you leave a space in the house we must turn off the light bulbs, fans or air conditioning.***

– ***Not wasting water is very important, if you are going to take a bath turn off the tap while you are soaping yourself or if you are washing the dishes soap as much as you can first and then rinse it.***

– ***Do not water the bushes, or wash the cars or the streets with a hose, with that you contribute to the waste of water that many people need.***

– ***Do not encourage hunting and selling of exotic animals, many of these species are in danger of extinction***


***Sabanas del llano, Barinas-venezuela.***

    ***All this and more I have wanted to teach my children, I confess that in many they have collaborated with me and there are others that from time to time I must repeat them.***

    ***I’m very curious to know why things happen, I’m very attracted to the programs I see on television about many people who do want to help the planet, the struggle of conservation groups, foundations or organizations that fight against those who try to destroy everything.***


***»Climate change is real, it’s happening right now. It’s the most urgent threat our species has to face. We need to work together and stop procrastinating.» Leonardo DiCaprio.***


    ***We must all do something and do our part to be part of the solution. The time is now when there is still time and every single thing we do, no matter how insignificant, is of great value, believe it or not.***

    ***So it’s good to be aware of everything that’s happening to us today, if the governments that run the world today don’t want to be part of the solution, it’s unfortunate, because someday future generations will judge them for that and wonder why you didn’t do anything if you had all the power? Our existence depends on our actions, I invite you all to do your bit to have a green planet, the only planet with an ocean included.***


I am very grateful to be able to participate in this @upmewhale contest. I would like to invite everyone to join this great activity that calls us to conscience and gives us the opportunity to speak openly about the subject. I leave you the link to find out the steps to follow Upmewhale Writing Contest! Global Warming and Climate Change, What Can Be Done?


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