PowerHouseCreatives Contest | Ready, Set, Write/He’s gone and taken my life.


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    When I arrived at the train station, he was already gone; my mind went blank and I felt that my breathing had stopped. It was as if my world had come to a standstill in an instant. The silence of the desolate station stunned me and an intense cold suddenly enveloped me; I don’t know how much time passed from that moment, I just know that when I reacted I felt the immense need to take a drink.


_It’s late, I was thinking to myself as I headed to the bar.

    I remembered her lips, her eyes, her hands caressing me. I asked the bartender for the strongest drink and I thought that with that I could stop feeling, that with that I could stop thinking. If only I had told him to stay. If only my pride had allowed me to speak. What can I do now? I sighed and saw out the window a couple of boyfriends laughing; for a moment I imagined their happy and blissful world, with no more problems than waiting for the train.

_There’s nothing to do, I’d better go home.

    The minutes passed slowly and my body didn’t want to respond. I left walking through the old street of the station while I watched the train arrive, I wanted to get on it and go look for it, but there was no more case, everything was already said between us.

    I got home and took the keys out of my bag, I didn’t want to go in, the loneliness wrapped me up tighter and I only wanted to cry until I died.

    As I entered I noticed something strange; suddenly a chill ran through my body. There was a pizza and two bottles of wine on the table. I couldn’t believe it, I ran quickly into the room and heard the shower; there he was.

    At that moment, mixed feelings were running through my mind, an incredible happiness that was generating a great peace. Not everything was lost, if I had returned it was because I wanted to solve things. I remained silent as I listened to the sound of water falling on her body.

_What do I do? What do I say?

    In that instant I shut my mind, just took off my clothes and gently walked into the shower as I ran my hand over her back. That night, there were no words, no words, just surrender, passion, love and sex.


    Well friends, I hope you liked my writing, it’s the first time I’ve done something like this, and I confess it wasn’t easy. They say the first time hurts. This PowerHouseCreatives Contest | Ready, Set, Write is made by my friend @zord from the community #powerhousecreative.

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