Crochet-knitted crop top, special for every occasion.🌴


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After so much cold it is time to go warm up the body at the beach, the sun fills us with vitality and gives us energy to our body; many already start their working day tomorrow and what better than to start in good shape and with a divine tan.

For the girls who haven’t been to the beach yet but already have it in their plans, I come to bring you this beautiful crop top woven in the crochet technique, it has an easy difficulty level and you don’t spend much material.

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My Super Model

Today my spectacular model, she shows us this beautiful Crop Top in different environments, the first picture was a day at the beach, the second is a Saturday afternoon to go out and share with her friends and the third was at her graduation party. I wanted to make this demonstration in a different time and space to show you how useful it is to have a piece like this in our wardrobe.

The following is a list of the most important issues that have been addressed by the project;

Emily is my niece and she gets to wear all these pieces that I make. I have also made her other crop tops in different colors and with another type of fabric on the bottom.***

gif mar cutout.png

There is a great variety of models in crop top, on the internet you can get the patterns, video tutorials that can guide you to make beauties.

I made my own video tutorial to show you how to make the bra cup, it’s a basic pattern and with it you can make bras, swimsuits, or the top of a blouse.

Video tutorial on how to make the bra cup.

I want to talk a little bit about the materials I used, it’s ironed pabilo, in Venezuela they sell it in different colors and it’s very soft to work with, but you can use the thread that you like best, I spent about 150 grams because I wanted it long and below the navel.


***How good it feels to make others happy***


My niece was delighted, she is very pretty and everything fits her beautifully, but she is also demanding and wants everything to fit her. I think she was delighted with this job as I liked seeing it on her graduation day.

I hope you liked this post that I made with a lot of love for you, I confess that it took a long time to upload it since I lost the main pictures. See you in a next post friends, bye bye.


Pictures taken with my Krono-net cell phone camera


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