PowerHouseCreatives Contest | The World At Our Feet/A spa day for my feet.


    ***My feet are asking me to rest, screaming at me to release the pressure of the shoes, they feel suffocated and want to breathe. I have prepared something special for them this weekend, I am going to take them to the beach to relax in a folding chair and get a tan because they are very pale.***

    ***My feet can’t wait to get there, they love walking on the seashore, which they say helps not only to exfoliate them but also for circulation.***

    ***Before I leave I want to make them an afternoon of Spa. For that, I prepare all the implements to apply a pedicure. The file, the nail clippers, cream and almond oil will help to make them beautiful and hydrated.***


    ***They know they are going to have a good time and they are going to enjoy it. First they immerse themselves in warm water with a little bit of soap, there they stay for a while until I take them out to put an exfoliating cream for several minutes and then I gently rub them until I remove any impurities and dirt they may have.***


    ***The file does its job, it takes care of removing the rough things from the heel and make them soft and clean, very clean. My feet feel so soft that they look like beautiful peach skin. I then cut and clean their nails, being very careful not to hurt them. We are finishing the first part of the love and care treatment, now we are moving on to the treatment where the magic of beautifying them occurs. The almond oil does its thing giving you softness, shine and a pleasant smell that comes to cause the envy of other parts of the body, with a gentle massage are relaxed to ecstasy of pleasure.***

    ***My feet already want to choose the color of nail polish that they are going to wear, on days they like to see themselves with a strong color and another day they want to see themselves clear. They know they are going to the beach and want to stand out, so they choose the red paint. They’re definitely flirtatious and don’t want to go unnoticed. They’re not in any hurry, they demand more and more. They just want to look like they look and pose for these pictures we are going to take today.***


    ***Now they are ready to go and enjoy a weekend full of love just for them. At my feet I am very grateful to them because they have taken me on a good path; I apologize for sometimes neglecting them and not giving them the attention they deserve. There was a day when passing by the Bolivar square in Caracas they received the most beautiful compliment they have ever received. A gentleman, one of those gentlemen who sits reading the newspaper in the place, looked at my feet and said «My lady, your feet are the most beautiful thing I have seen happen on this day, keep on taking care of them because they make you even more beautiful». With compliments like that who does not fall into meltdown. Since that day I realized that whatever I do for my feet is reflected in my body.***

¡The assignment is to smile!

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Pictures taken by my son Israel with my kronos-net cell phone camera

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