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The world in our hands

    Since our friend @Zord189 launched the contest this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do or what to write. The first thing that comes to mind is my children’s hands, when they were little I think I had a fixation with their hands and compared them to mine.


My children’s hands

    My children’s hands are the best caress I’ve ever had in my life and they’ve given me a lot of happiness. Seeing their chubby fingers, their pink skin tone when they were babies and then when they grew up made me even happier when they first wrote Mom. Going down the street holding hands filled me with pride, it was a feeling I could not describe, definitely being a mom is being in love and there is no feeling like it.


Mother’s hands.👐

    At this moment my mother’s hands come to mind, wrinkled and with many freckles all over, her fingers listless, her palms softly drawing love lines on them, really. If you look at her hands you can see years of suffering, of work, but you also see agility and dexterity. With her beautiful hands she fed the mouths of 12 children who today are healthy, strong and now give their lives for her. Her hands took care of me when I was sick and gave me a pat on the back when I was sad. Those hands cooked our clothes and while doing so she told us a story or sang a song. At night she would light the lamp for us and we would all put our hands together to pray, then she would tuck us in to let us rest. And who doesn’t remember the aim of his hands, to throw the chola at us if we misbehaved.


    My mother’s hands are what I loved most in this world and today I would like to take care of them; maybe she didn’t know how to go to the hairdresser or get a manicure, but what she did know was how to process coffee from the moment it was picked up in the bushes to the moment it was put in a nice cup to drink it very hot. Likewise, her hands processed the corn, the cocoa and even the oil to put in the lamps that illuminated our nights.


    So many memories come to my mind and I do not know what to write, I think I can sit here writing a thousand things about the hands of my mother, she is 83 years old and if you are not always doing something quiet never this. In December she is the one who puts the special seasoning on the beech trees, even though we have tried to make them without her help they do not remain the same. Not to mention the gardens, her plants are beautiful, she has a special hand and everything she sows is born to her, I think she has a secret for everything to turn out well.

    His hands are rustic and old, but how much I would give to have her always by my side and to be able to always take refuge in her, like when I was a child who ran to protect me from my older brothers or when I had a tummy ache and with her hands she took oil and rubbed me with soft massages while advising me not to run anymore.


Your hands are powerful

    You knew that your hands have power, there are people who heal by imposing their hands, I remember at this time a fact that happened to us in college when one of our colleagues was going through a bad time and the teacher realizing the situation asked us all to make a circle around our friend and raise your hands to send positive energies, healing, energies that help you stand up and move forward.


    With our hands we can transmit what we have stored in the depths of our being, with just a caress you can transmit love, mercy, compassion, tenderness, encouragement and much more, we can also create wonderful things that leave a mark on the people around us or why not, in the world. That apart from the great writers like Gabriel García Márquez who wherever they went took their typewriters and their hands wrote down every thought and thus great literary works were formed like «100 years of solitude», not to mention sculptors or painters like Migue Angelo, Leonardo Da vinci, who shaped everything with their fingers, their palms and came to create works that have endured through history.

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    You can do whatever you want with your hands, from planting a tree to building a big building, it is good to see that through this exercise proposed by @Zord189 we have noticed the importance that our hands really have and how with them we have built the world.


    Your hands are miraculous, don’t stop and do what you want, I will continue to weave with them and thus continue to bring out smiles on the faces of my friends and clients; I will also continue to put my hands together, to continue praying for peace in the world, to ask for health for my loved ones and to praise God who is my best friend. I say bye bye friends, until next time and remember,

Smiling is the task.


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Pictures taken with my Kronos-net cell phone camera

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