DIY/Being happy with what you do.

     The aim of handicrafts is personal advancement and development of creativity. Every person who performs a manual work whatever it is, keeps his mind and body busy.

     Handicrafts are a form of recreation, where you relax and create a world where you are the main character. I also see this world in which I develop, my whole body is kept in constant movement and this is also reflected in health, both physical and mental. All those people who make art with their hands are people full of love, peace and I think they see the world differently.



     Today I come to present the final work of this set that I have been showing you little by little and that took a week. I’m not going to tell you that it was easy because I’ve never really taken so long with a piece. This dress took me out of my comfort zone and it was a personal challenge to develop it. What happened to me is that I had never knitted a round yoke before and although it seems simple, I had to repeat it about 5 times. That’s right friends, 5 times.

     The first one was too big and the second too small, the third one still didn’t convince me and I had to unweave it to start again, so I was doing the math, looking for measurements on the internet and seeing how I could get to the size of a newborn


***Feed your faith, until fears starve.***




***Hat or cap***


***This was also the first time I made this cap and I’m telling you I fell in love.***

# ***step by step:***

***1st v.*** In a magic hoop we weave 3 chains that are equivalent to our first high pto, then we weave 11 high pto and close that loop with a slip stitch.

***2nd v.*** From this point on we weave a normal high point and in the next base point we increase two high points in the same base point, then a high point in the base point and so on until we finish the turn with a slider point.

***3rd-7th v.*** We continue with magnification but this time we make two normal high points and magnification. And so we continue to increase in each lap until completing 7 laps for a newborn baby. This means that on the next lap we are increasing by one normal high point and a two high point increase at the same base point.

***8th v.*** We weave 3 chains, jump 3 points off the base and get a point on the next base point. Again we weave 3 chains and repeat the same step until we get all the rings we need to make our fans.

***9na v.*** We weave fans with 2 high stitches, one chain and two high stitches inside each ring that we made in the previous lap.

***10- 14 lap.*** We will weave fans of 3 high stitches, a chain and 3 high stitches. This way until we complete the 7 laps of the fan. If you like you can change the color on the last lap.

![separador andrades.png](

To complete the baby’s outfit I also made some shoes and a headband with a flower.

     I think there was a moment when fear wanted to overcome or paralyze me, but I didn’t allow that to happen and thank God I was able to get through it. I think I was confident that if I could do it, I always believed in myself and that was important in the development of this work.


***Try again and again until your fears are afraid of you***

     I hope you have loved this work that even though it gave me a lot of trouble, I don’t let it defeat me. When I set my mind to something, I fight and fight until I achieve it. I really wanted to give my client the best of me for her baby girl who is about to be born. I invite you to stay connected at Steemit and keep informed of all these changes that are happening this week and remember the task, ┬źto be happy┬╗.

separador andrades.png


Pictures taken with my Kronos-net cell phone camera


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