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    Dreaming is an involuntary mental process in which there is a re-elaboration of the information stored in the memory, generally related to experiences lived by the dreamer the day before.


    Dreams can be classified in many ways; I don’t know much about the subject but there are dreams that you like and when you remember them they generate pleasure. There are other dreams that frighten you and generate a certain amount of discomfort; we call those nightmares. As a child I experienced how my mother struggled to wake up and about two years ago we experienced the same act again; another night with my husband the same thing happened to me. Some people say that we shouldn’t wake them up, that it’s dangerous, but they have really scared me so much that I can’t leave them like this and I move them to wake up. As soon as they react they have told me what they were dreaming and it was definitely ugly.




***A recurring dream.***

    Today I come to tell you about a dream that has been repeated on different occasions. After I came to live in Caracas and began to have responsibilities, a recurring dream or rather a nightmare began in me.

    I always dream that someone is chasing me, it can be one or several people, of course they are very bad men who want to hurt me, my attitude in the dream is not to let myself be caught by anyone and to protect myself at all costs from my persecutors, fear takes hold of me and I run without rest and I get into places that I have never seen, they are dark, cold, desolate places.


    The last time I had this nightmare was last year; it happened like in a ruined castle and I was being chased by some men, I was looking back and I knew they were catching up with me, but I was looking for a place to hide and I couldn’t find where, so I kept running, at that moment I went out through a door to a cobbled street where a carriage drove by beautiful horses was passing by and a couple of newlyweds were carrying it, the bride had a beautiful white dress and they looked smiling and happy. In the street there were many people watching the marriage go by and happily applauded the happy couple, behind the carriage were the guests of the banquet. On the other side of the street there was a beautiful landscape with trees that gave shade to the street and only allowed small rays of light to enter. There I woke up, that was my last dream that I remember in detail. It is always the same, only the scenery changes and the bad men, who have been changed even by aliens.

    Years ago on my way to work I met a friend and told him about what had happened to me that night. He was a very wise man and I loved talking to him because I always found an answer to everything. He told me to explain the dream in detail and then he asked me a series of questions about how my life was at that moment. I answered that we were going through a series of difficult events at home such as the diagnosis of leukemia of my beloved nephew Bryan who was only 5 years old and also the death of my father. Costing my nephew’s chemotherapy and giving him everything I could was my biggest concern.


    Taking care of my mother and making sure she didn’t lack anything, were many things for one person definitely; he listened to me with a lot of love and patience and then explained to me that that’s where my nightmares came from. He recommended that I find some peace and quiet and go away for a weekend with my husband to the beach or a quiet place, which I did! Thanks to my friend I learned many things and since then those recurring dreams are over.

    Again happy to be able to participate in this type of contest where we can remember, highlight, exalt and remove all our feelings, thoughts, dreams that we have hidden and that @zord189 with its weekly challenges invites us to let them emerge. I say goodbye not before thanking you for all your support, I hope you enjoy a quiet weekend. God bless you.


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