Attract with your mind what you want to have, but do it big


What a great surprise I got on Tuesday when I saw what the Power House Creatives contest organized by my friend @zord189 was about. Every week it fills us with surprises and invites us to travel back in time. This week’s contest is about remembering that thing you loved to buy and generated a lot of happiness.

In my life many things have generated happiness, I have bought tourist packages that have taken us to great places, I bought years ago a dog called tutti that although it turned my house upside down filled our lives with joy, I have also bought clothes that when I wear them I look beautiful; even the book «One hundred years of solitude» special edition by the author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, fills me with satisfaction.

I’m going to opt for the story that I definitely love and it brings out a few sighs in me as I remember how it happened.


After my postpartum rest I went back to work and I met a very cool team, among those was Mr. Jose Flores, with him I made a very good friendship, I remember that every night he washed his car in the parking lot while I watered the plants; One night I sat down to watch him wash the car and told him that one day I was going to buy it for him, the funniest thing was that I didn’t have a single penny in my pocket but what I had at that moment was a dream, a longing and an enormous desire to continue growing, my friend told me with a smile that yes, he would sell it to me, he would collect everything he could and then I would pay him the rest. I really couldn’t believe it, I thought he was playing with me. The next day I asked him before I went home if what he had said was true and he said yes. We immediately did all the paperwork and soon after we had paid him everything. It was a Daewo, Matiz 2002, practically new. It was a very nice car, orange color that filled us with joy, with him we went for a ride with the family and on vacation took us to the Andes, a trip of almost 15 hours.


At the same time my husband took me to a meeting in the office and when a co-worker saw me he said sarcastically _»Now go and buy him the truck». My colleague was referring to a Terios truck, red, 2005, that my friend José Flores had just bought. And I said, «Someday.

Time went by and I was very happy with my pumpkin, that’s what we called the nuance. But the big surprise came one Sunday when we were celebrating Mother’s Day as a family, when I saw the phone ringing and I left the meeting to answer it. It was my friend José who was ringing and at that moment I thought it was to congratulate me on Mother’s Day; But it was not only for that, with a very serious voice he told me _»Gocha, I’ll sell you the truck, you’ll pay me as you can, consult with your husband and on Monday we’ll talk» I was suspended in the air, I didn’t know what to answer, I didn’t know what to think and in the midst of so many people I didn’t know how to react, we cut the call and my smile gave me away, I jumped, I shouted, I praised God, I embraced my husband and my children and I told everyone the news, that afternoon another reason to celebrate came together.

On Monday I went to talk to Flores personally to know a little more about the business and he told me _»sell the car and get a loan from the company, don’t worry I’ll wait for you as long as it takes», nobody could believe it, a human being would do this for me, many would believe that we had something, that we were lovers or that I would miss something in return, but it wasn’t like that, it was just an act of complete kindness, gratitude, friendship.

Since then we were with our truck all over Venezuela, it took us to know many beautiful places in my country, Merida, Tachira, Valencia, Barinas, Maracay, Guarico, Zulia, Coro, Anzoategui, Caracas, Miranda, she was a warrior and we loved her and cared for her very much. It seems hard to believe that one can appreciate material things so much, but it was like that, she gave us a lot of happiness and that is why she deserved to be taken care of.


For 9 years she was with us, but unfortunately because of the situation of the country we had to let her go with other owners so that they could continue to give her the care that we could not. I will always remember her with great affection because with her we lived moments full of happiness. For me she is still with us, because with what they gave us for her we bought a house on the beach, that is, even after she left she continues to give us the joy of having left us a place to continue enjoying and celebrating together as a family.

But don’t think we’re out of a car, no. God never abandons us and that’s why I tell you not to stop dreaming and dreaming big; I always thought about having a truck like the Hilux, maybe I didn’t get that one but I got a new white Mazda as a package and in a business very similar to the Terios, only with another person as wonderful as my co-worker to whom I hope life is giving back what he did for me in two opportunities. Wherever life has taken you, God bless you «Friend».


I wanted to bring this story to share what’s behind it:

– Never stop dreaming.
– Trust in God, that he never abandons you.
– Think big.
– Never give up.
– Don’t let others truncate your dreams.
– Life is one and you have to enjoy it.


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